What are your plans concerning your health this new year.

New Year Resolution with Nutrition

  • I have a plea to anyone reading this, that you be on the watch-out for there is so much unapproved information on nutrition out there. People want to redirect your good-will attention in attaining profound health to very deleterious food-habits. Please, always check the URL/website used to direct you to the information you are looking for.
  • This is year 2014 and you are what will determine your own comeback. Don’t restrict yourself to a point-focused idea but open up and try to think highly, varied ideas and be humble. Pick out your privileges but remember to swallow your pride and mingle, bond with people out there.
  • Food is a basic necessity responsible for definition of our health right now. What plans have you laid ahead to promote your health? Do you have basic knowledge on  nutrition? And if you don’t, do you need a way into that?
  • In your nearest medical facility, go and make a request to acquire basic nutrition education and/or counseling for this new year you must be having something better for your health. Depending on your area, charges are not that much, but still make an effort.
  • With the little that i have offered, i think this new year will be full of change.
  • Peace.

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anger… beliefs and coping

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I want a happy, normal life… you?

Take a look with me at how to reduce anger… anger can interfere with enjoying life. I believe we can eliminate much of it. The problem with anger is it builds up. It can hide out and hit you when least convenient… and most dangerous. Sometimes, anger is left over from past lessons in life that we’ve not yet completed. Until we can let that anger go — letting go of anger — letting go of the past — its trouble. Living in the now is the wisdom way. Peace and serenity is what is necessary to resolve these problems. Let’s work on unloading some stored up anger… we all have some… try it — it works for anyone that can read and follow directions.

First, its important to acknowledge that we all need to delve into problems like unresolved anger — already…

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Ministry, Movement or Tactical?

RD Desmonio:


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Being part of a Ministry, a decision has been made that you believe in their tenets and vision. That being said, lots of Evangelical Christians are being railroaded into sub-sects of borderline Christianity and may not know it. I was privileged to be a part of a ministry that taught the Bible, not opinion. And with that, because the TRUTH of the Bible was taught, my discernment of fad religions and false religions are spot on.

40 Days for LIFE

Most prolifers identify with particular religions or ideologies. For instance, I am an Evangelical Christian: Salvation by Faith, not works. However, those of us who are Evangelical Prolifers are seeing a growing and disturbing trend – the return of Calvinism.

The reason why I am explaining this is because I have been chastised, criticized and even shunned because I participate in 40 Days for Life since Catholics also participate heavily. And kudos to them…

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Will There Be Faith?

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Last night as I was in Adoration, in front of our Lord in the tabernacle, I was praying the Divine Office. As I got to the antiphon: “When the Son of Man comes to earth, do you think he will find faith in men’s hearts?” and answered with a knee jerk response of no, and felt a feeling of darkness come over me for the state of the world and myself. It was as if our Lord was telling me “wrong answer.” And when I thought of it deeper and pondered it, The answer no to this question came with “pride” and is not through humility. As I started to continue, I heard in my heart “The gates of hell shall not prevail” and I stopped in my tracks and said “Wait one minute!”.

Yes! I exclaimed. YES! When the Son of Man comes to earth, he will find faith…

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We are Christians as well as leaders

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St Augustine’s [ 354 - 430 A.D. ]sermon On Pastors

You have often learned that all our hope is in Christ and that he is our true glory and our salvation. You are members of the flock of the Good Shepherd, who watches over Israel and nourishes his people. Yet there are shepherds who want to have the title of shepherd without wanting to fulfil a pastor’s duties; let us then recall what God says to his shepherds through the prophet. You must listen attentively; I must listen with fear and trembling.
The word of the Lord came to me and said: Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel and speak to the shepherds of Israel. We just heard this reading a moment ago, my brothers, and I have decided to speak to you on this passage. The Lord will help me to speak the truth if I…

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“Let Me alone, then, that My wrath may blaze up against them to consume them.” —Exodus 32:10

The Lord was about to end His relationship with His chosen people, but He forgave them instead. Jeremiah wanted to quit his prophetic ministry (Jer 20:9) after he did not forgive the Israelites (see Jer 18:23). If Jesus hadn’t prayed on Calvary for His Father to forgive us (see Lk 23:34), He may have been severely tempted to come down from the cross and quit the plan of salvation (see Mt 27:42).
Unforgiveness usually results in our quitting something the Lord wants us to continue, while forgiveness keeps it going on. If a wife refuses to forgive her husband, she may quit her marriage or at least quit trying in her marriage. If parents quit forgiving their children, they might easily quit parenting them. At best, they will just go through the motions.

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